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Shreya Shetty

Shreya Shetty

Shreya Shetty, A BFA from J.J School of Fine Arts brushed up her creativity while wanting to be a Veterinary Surgeon. After a years break which she calls the most constructive she knew she wanted to be an artist. Later trying her hand on digital painting she matured as an artist and now creates master pieces.

Brief intro about Shreya yourself and how she got started in the field?

I sort of slipped into art. I never really thought about being a full time artist when I grew up(I was more focused on being a Veterinary Surgeon) but unfortunately that didn't work out. I took a year's break then, which was the most constructive year of my life. I read a lot and I drew a lot based on the stuff I read, and that's when I realized that drawing was what I wanted to do. I entered an art school with every intention of becoming a portrait artist, and 4 years later after briefly dabbling with the idea of doing non-representational art professionally, I find I still enjoy painting people the most. I graduated with a B.F.A. (Painting) in May 2006.
I was introduced to the world of digital art when I was in the second year of art school through online communities like Elfwood, Epilogue and DeviantArt. I remember thinking that it might be fun to play and experiment with, but I could never seriously paint that way (I had my mind set on being a traditional portrait artist). But I've very gladly proved myself wrong and I have been hooked on to it ever since!

Shreya tell us a bit of the way you work on your art.? And What and/or who inspires you ?

I'd highly recommend painting traditionally to all those who want to paint digitally; it instills a lot of diligence and discipline and because you are not spoiled by undos and layers, makes you plan your artwork better. When I was younger, I admired the works of artists who mainly dealt with superrealism but now I feel it can make the artwork very bland and emotionally detached. I'd like to find a good balance between skill and emotion, artwork that is profound and that can move one as well as artwork that is visually interesting. Nowadays I find myself influenced by and taking inspiration from pieces that have strong color and value compositions, moods, strong designs and such, regardless of the style. There are way too many artists to name here, but I think there's enough to learn from all the good artists out there and I try and pick what I like from each and try and assimilate that into my work.

how Shreya start your art work when a concept is given to you?

Once I decide on the concept, I usually do a lot of sketches with various compositions, colour studies and such, depending on what the concept is. Then I start collecting reference, this could mean I scour websites to look for images or I shoot some of my own. References could be for colors, forms, lighting etc. I also look through a lot of paintings of a similar genre to get inspired. Once I have my entire material ready, start painting!

the most influential piece of advice that Shreya have received in your art career till now?

I had one teacher who had one thing to say everytime I asked for help - "Observe carefully!” It was very frustrating back then but now I know what it really means. Sometimes we have fixed notions in our head- this is what an eye looks like, this is what a hand looks like. I think that limits our ability to evolve our art. So observe carefully really means, see with eyes, dissect what you see and use it in your art. I think that as mystical as it sounds, once I understood my growth was a lot more rapid and focused.
Also, experiment (a LOT!) and practice, practice, practice. Draw and paint everyday and don't be afraid to try out new things- there is so much to gain and nothing to lose. Do master-copies of artists you admire, it's a great way to get used to the tools and to study and develop your skill.

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